Sango & Waldo – Until Then

July 11, 2014

We’re back with a little bit on the latest from Sango & Waldo on AGO collective. Waldo has consistently been one of our favorite vocalists pushing the future music [read more]

Fogpack x Svnset Waves

March 31, 2014

Svnset Waves teams up with Fogpack to release a 49 track compilation that very adequately represents where 2014 is headed in the hands of upcoming producers. Cut and dry [read more]

Oimactta – Bad Trips Ep

March 23, 2014

An empty hallway, almost completely dark, some light seeping through under doors and through closed windows. The projection of that light into the darkness sprays across a [read more]

TeamSupreme – Vol. 101

March 19, 2014

Los Angeles based TeamSupreme releases volume 101 of their ongoing beat series. Every installment of the Weekly Cyphers series is brimming with talent and inspiration; [read more]

Daisuke Tanabe – Pin

March 18, 2014

Producer Daisuke Tanabe made two tracks available for stream on Soundcloud today. Albeit a low-key upload, both tracks carry the same unmistakable, organic sonic-personality [read more]

SYRE – Minutes

March 15, 2014

With gliding-shimmering synthesis, skillfully layered sub bass, enigmatic and curious vocal cuts, SYRE‘s “Minutes” is rewarding at every bar change. [read more]

Alizzz – Sunshine Ep

March 14, 2014

After the explosion of Alizzz’s single “Woah” last year, it seemed like all eyes were on the Barcelona based producer. Yesterday Alizzz’s Sunshine Ep [read more]
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